Episode 9 – Willy Vlautin

Critically acclaimed novelist and musician Willy Vlautin (Lean on Pete, The Motel Life) talks about growing up in Reno, Nevada, writing his early work at horse tracks in Portland, Oregon, and how a brief encounter with Pogues-singer Shane MacGowan set his hand and world on fire. His band, The Delines, is currently touring their newest album The Imperial.


The Pogues–Rain Street

The Delines–The Imperial

The Delines–82nd St.

The Delines–Cheer Up Charley

The Delines–I Won’t Slip Up (Live on KEXP)

Richmond Fontaine–Whitey and Me

The Delines–Eddy and Polly

Richmond Fontaine–A Ghost I Became

Richmond Fontaine–Give me Time


The Bachelor, by Javier Mayoral,  2017

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