Episode 39–Mathias Svalina

Jeff talks to Mathias Svalina, poet and proprietor of the Dream Delivery Service, about deodorant, Michael Crichton, Mary Roach, Virginia, bicycling, solitude, being a college radio disc jockey, traveling vs. staying in one space mentally and physically, and music. A lot about music. At the end Mathias also reads some of his “choice” dreams—stick around for it.

Talk:        https://the-steer.simplecast.com/episodes/mathias-svalina


Playlist setlist


The Pharcyde-Runnin

Anne Briggs–The Time Has Come

Boyracer—North Yorkshire Coastline

Whodini–Freaks Come Out


Shudder to Think–Take the Child

FKA Twigs—Cellophane

Boyracer–A Friend For Life

UUVVWWZ—Shark Suit

Boyracer—I’ve Got It and It’s Not Worth Having

CHVRCHES—Clearest Blue

The Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By


Leonora Carrington–Operation Wednesday–1969

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