Season 2–Episode 5–Stephen Steinbrink

Jeff and Joshua talk to Oakland-based indie-pop songwriter Stephen Steinbrink. Topics discussed include: Olympia, Washington; audio books; the kindness of LAKE; stained glass refurbishing; therapy; psychedelics; Arthur Russell; and why short stories are the best tour read.



Playlist setlist

Stephen Steinbrink: Now You See Everything

Lake: Roger Miller

Blue Nile: Stay

Stephen Steinbrink: I Wanna Be Free

Prefab Sprout: Cars and Girls

Stephen Steinbrink: Impossible Hand

Arthur Russell: This Time Dad You’re Wrong

Stephen Steinbrink: Mom

Judee Sill: Jesus Was a Cross Maker

Dear Nora: The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1


Fernand Léger–The woman and the flower–1954

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