Season 2–Reintroducing

Reintroducing The Steer and introducing our new co-host Karleigh Frisbie Brogan. Joshua and Karleigh discuss friendship, pandemic writing, upcoming guests, new music recommendations, and the importance of college radio in the 1990s.



Playlist setlist

Brittany Howard: Stay High

Aldous Harding: The Barrel

Babytooth: Whatever Machine

Greentea Peng: Mr. Sun (miss da sun)

Frances Quinlan: Carry the Zero

Soundgarden: The Day I Tried to Live

Allison Crutchfield: The Marriage

Morphine: Hanging on a Curtain

Steve Young: Kenny’s Song

Sara Renberg: I’ll Decide to Have a Problem

Freedy Johnston: Bad Reputation

Yaara Valey: Straight Arrows

Ora Cogan: Ground and Grave


Alexis Wolf–Train Window–2010

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